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"When love strikes us hard and makes mush of our brain,

When love sneaks in and makes us insane,

All sense can depart and leave the brain blank,

When love like that strikes it can drain our whole tank.

So beware of the power you exert over me,

For I'm under your spell; that's clear as can be. Whenever you're near, my brain slips out of joint; I fight my love, but what is the point?

You're my strength and my weakness, for I love you so dearly,

And I hope our love shines through the years just as clearly." By KARL FUCHS

I read this poem recently and thought wow, sounds like a little crazy in love type relationship. A few days ago I was putting together a little tray to represent different moods for love and this one reminded me of a woman who would be crazy in love. You know...the one that's a little bit stalker-ish; Yeah, that's her. Hand in hand through the bars of the invisible cage she has placed around him, they walk. Is she really crazy? Is she insecure? Is it what most every woman has experienced at least once in her lifetime? Could she be young in love or IN a young love? Being young and in love one can briefly lose sight of all that is right. Immaturity will breed insecurity and insecurity will pave the way for many moments of temporary insanity.

On the other hand, a mature person in a young love breathes life into their companion. The two experience an indescribable bliss with one another. Individuality is understood. They wrap each other in a love that acts much like the workings of a bungee cord. One without the other, each are free to leap daily and enjoy their once in a lifetime lives with arms open wide. What each will grab before they return is a piece of beauty to bring back and share. It could be as simple as respect for allowing one another to be. Better yet, it could be more love simply because that short absence caused the heart to grow fonder. The possiblities are endless so I will keep this short. Mature love understands that freedom will add days, months, and years to the life of a young love. The right things poured into a young love will easily lay the ground work for an old love. (p.s. It's just my thoughts at 1 a.m. in the morning. Why am I not sleep?! I'll pay for this later today)


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