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Fast Five For Living Well

So, what if she wants to wear her cute pair of hand painted, flower styled sneakers she recently purchased from the local market? How about that cutesie pink, tea lengthed skirt that flows and fails to show not even one glimpse of her youthful curves; Think she'll be fly in that? Hmmm...let's see. What if she decides to step out in a wardrobe every day that did not include one single name brand item? Would she feel the same? Would she be accepted the same? Would she be the "cool kid"?

Sitting next to a few teen girls one day, I overheard one of them talking. One of them was making fun of another young lady stating the young lady was wearing "wal-mart" shoes. Not only did their conversation catch my attention but it caught that of another mother's as well. As we both turned to look at them, they lowered their voices while looking as if they didn't mean to be heard. I thought to myself, why are young people so cruel? Why is it that many of them do not understand that the so called hottest shoes and clothing will do nothing for them? Why don't they understand that it is not the clothing that should hold such relevance but rather their character? Why is there so much value placed on the physical, tangible things when it comes to the youth. It prompted me to thinking and asking myself this question. Are we as parents doing our jobs and teaching them about the redundancy in these things early in their lives? Most of all, I thought of one of my favorite things I learned as I was growing up. --I find myself referencing it a lot today-- It is extremely simple to understand yet very difficult it seems for many to actually do. "Treat others as you want them to treat you". Don't treat them well only after they have done something for you. Do it before they've given you a reason to do so.

Below I am sharing a list I'd like to call "Fast Five 4 Living Well" that came to mind after hearing those negative comments mentioned above. They are easy enough to be understood yet powerful in meaning when it comes to our youth and younger generation today.

A Fast Five the young generation should know:

  1. Being the best dressed in the building will not pay any bills when the debtors come a'knocking. It does not lend you wisdom or success.

  2. Your style gives others a glimpse into who you are. Therefore dress according to your likes and not someone elses.

  3. Life is too short. Don't wast unnecessary time trying to blend in. Don't be the trend. Create the trend. Be YOU.

  4. Never worry yourself about being good enough for anyone else.

  5. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. However, always remember, the more expectations you place on someone else and how they treat you...the more standards you place on yourself and how you treat others.

Here's a bonus. Never allow your happiness to depend on your expectation of others.

Check out this article on BuzzFeed where this young lady who currently wears a back brace has taken the piece and made it her own. She did so because she did not feel confident in what she was wearing as it looked like some sort of medical contraption. She and a friend grabbed some craft items and went to work. It is a perfect example of being unique, working with what you have, and being confident in who you are.

Until next time. Be Encouraged. Find Your Light. BE THE LIGHT.

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