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Have You Tasted The Sweetness of Forgiveness?

Forgiveness was really for me. Only AFTER I had truly forgiven someone did I learn of its connection to spiritual liberation. I became unbound.

I was holding a grudge against someone not knowing that it was emotionally painful only to me. I’d find myself thinking bad thoughts about the person whenever I heard their name mentioned or perhaps saw them across a room while out running errands. I was keeping myself angry while they were happily moving along in life. I thought by me forgiving them it would somehow make me appear to be the weaker person when in fact it did just the opposite. I was stronger. Being angry at someone is easy. The difficult act is actually loving someone in spite of. If this made sense to you thus far please read on to hear about what more beautiful things I discovered in forgiveness.

When I forgave I took back the power I had given that individual. They were no longer able to carry me to a place of darkness and chaos.

When I forgave I had my first encounter with unconditional love for all. Sometimes we forgive people because we feel they will always be a part of our lives. Those are the people that we subconsciously label to be the recipients of our unconditional love. Those would be our family and close friends. Others? Well I loved them with conditions. I saw unconditional love as a love that only certain people in life were deserving of. If I am to continue marching along in this journey to live well and according to God's word, I must always practice unconditional love.

When I forgave I found myself in the ring with humility. Humility won. In that particular case I had realized I was thinking more of myself that I should have been. I was pardoning wrongs I had done and criticizing someone else for their wrongs done to me. Humility is what helped me begin seeing them from the other side of my perfectly smudged, white picket fence that surrounded my fly glass house. How many times had God forgiven me? I realized when I exhibited anger towards a person I was judging them and not their actions. I had to learn it was perfectly okay for me to judge the action to determine if it needed to be removed from my life. --Judge the actions not the person--I've learned I can still express kindness to my offenders without making them such priorities in my life. It is okay for me to love them from afar. If you can relate to this, it is okay for YOU to love your offenders from afar.

We are all on different paths in life and at different points in the road. I can not judge someone or condemn someone for simply being at a point on their journey that I have already crossed or have yet to cross. When making a correlation between humility and forgiveness, humility is remembering when I wanted someone to forgive me for a wrong I had done to them. It is remembering my present time as I find myself constantly asking for forgiveness when I am in prayer. It is the catalyst that pushed me to move out of that glass house. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.

When I forgave ...I discovered another little corner of peace. Have You Tasted The Sweetness Of Forgiveness? I have. It is that one kind of sweetness that I'd like to savor all the days of my life.

Until next time...BE LIGHT. BE LOVE. BE ENCOURAGED. Penny for your thoughts?

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