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Which did you see: Steve Harvey's Mistake Or A Queen's Grace?

I read the numerous Facebook posts that kept popping up in my timeline. Many of them read as expressions of disgust in Mr. Steve Harvey's blunder. Many were angry about his mistake of having Miss Colombia crowned as Miss Universe when in fact Miss Philippines was the winner. I read comment after comment then FINALLY someone posted a video clip of the entire mishap.

Fully ready to watch Steve make a complete clown of himself. I was looking for my OH MY GOSH HOW COULD YOU STEVE moment. I clicked play. Silence gave way in my room and all I could hear were the gasps from the audience. I sat on edge waiting to see the entire moment play out. Just a second after clicking the play button, my eyes immediately moved from Steve to Miss Colombia; I watched her complete the walk. With her bountiful, beautiful bouquet in hand, I watched Miss Colombia wave and smile. So poised she was in her moment of triumph!

(Watch with no sound)

I could see and hear Steve Harvey coming back on stage saying he had realized the big mistake he’d made. Still I watched Miss Colombia. When he finally announced the mix-up, Miss Colombia’s smile broke slightly yet STILL SHE REMAINED GRACEFUL. Still poised she was in her moment of defeat! Whenever the camera panned to her there I saw her standing poised and managing to regally shift between a beautiful smile and what was clearly thoughts of embarrassment and astonishment. Even the way she so elegantly bent down to allow the crown to be removed was done so in grace. When I watched the video a second time as she stood facing the crowd still and the camera behind her, I could clearly see her wipe (what I assume were) tears from both her eyes.

Whatever happened when the cameras were not on her I’ll probably never know but what I saw while the world was watching and cheering for the results of the announced mistake was a true depiction of “Grace Under Pressure”. While I would have loved to see Miss Philippines give Miss Colombia a warm embrace to aid in showing her support in that most uncomfortable, embarrassing moment, I won’t hold that against her. I could clearly see she was taken aback by not only the blunder but also her victory.

The entire moment was about grace and tests. It was also a clear reminder of how quickly God can give then take away. Sometimes we don't know why. There may be times that many will never know why. At other times some will come to realize that the blessing was not in what He gave but rather what He took away.

Most saw Mr. Steve Harvey's mistake. I saw G.R.A.C.E.

© 2015 by Kandid Kouture Photography