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Funny How Knowing Whose I Am Made For Better Goal Setting

Maneuvering my way purposeless in unfitting directions through the years, I have always found myself SAYING what I wanted to accomplish during that year. I'd rarely see it through. I would many times set unrealistic goals for myself based off of what SEEMED like it would be a good fit for my life only to later find out that it was not. I found that I would only accomplish a part of the goal and eventually let the hollow dream go deferred. -- I call them hollow because they were almost always derived from something I saw that intrigued me but was not a fit for me-- I had yet to fully comprehend that the things I should spend more time pursuing should be those that would work well with who I am as an individual.

There should have been a process with each where I should have thought long and hard about whether there were aspects of the goal that I would absolutely NOT LIKE; Whether those aspects would overshadow the good things I liked about it. I should have done extensive research on them before diving in. There should have been some CONSULTING DONE IN PRAYER.

For example, I became licensed in real estate. --Granted that was a long term goal but it was an idea not well thought out--I knew that I had a love for real estate. I bet somewhere along the way you discovered you do too. You DO watch and love HGTV right? Getting through the classes and the state and federal exams were the easy parts. Even hanging my license with a company was as easy as pie. Oh, the hard part? You guessed it. Realizing that there was no magical cloud 9 I could pull from the sky and walk on as I ogled over a barrage of houses lined up for me to list and sell. Was I a buyer’s agent? Was I a seller’s agent perhaps? Did I want to be in the business of Property Management? Did I want to be an investor simply buying and selling my own properties? Did I want to renovate and sell? Did I want to be a home stager? Yowzers! Real Estate is such a broad concept and while I have been so fascinated with it all of my life there were only two areas of it that would work well with things I like to indulge in and find quite enjoyable. That is renovating and selling and staging/interior design. I’d rather not be a seller’s agent and sit in a home for hours at a time with no one to show up. I’d rather not have to direct mail or cold call any homebuyers for business. I didn’t like the idea of hanging my license with companies only to find out that their incoming potential clients would all be given to veteran top selling agents and not the “little” newcomers like me.

Now, before this turns into a post of complaints, I’ll stop there because I think you get the point. What I have come to recognize is that when I made very little to no attempts to stengthen my spiritual walk, I wandered in the wilderness. When I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish, I either, started and did not finish or I never really started at all because my heart was never there from the beginning. So here are a few things I learned about myself and overall goal setting.

1. I set short term goals with the long term goal written and in plain sight.

2. Spent less time making the announcements about the goal being set and instead spent more time doing the work of achieving the goal. ( I quit blabbing my thoughts about what I wanted to do to anyone who would listen and I began doing the work quietly. Later it was the work that spoke for me and not the mere words that were coming out of my mouth.)

3. Set realistic goals and researched the topics. (Based them on what I knew I would be attempting to accomplish because of my love for it and not because of trendy popularity)

4. If it is not within, I am okay with stepping outside of my comfort zone. I did so and began joining groups. I became a part of a few groups that have individuals successfully operating in the areas I wish to become more proficient in. They are great resources for me whenever I have questions about something in that area. Not only are they great resources, they are also great motivation and inspiration because their works show me that my goal is surely obtainable as long as I put in the work.

5. I have learned to STAY IN MY LANE. You remember on a previous post I talked about how I sing ballads in the shower in hopes to be recorded without my knowledge? Well, someone told me I sounded pretty good that one time but I won’t be trying out for American Idol any time soon. While I am still growing and constantly learning new things I will only pursue those things to which my heart loves and connects with. I know then and only then will I forever give 110% and see it through with further plans of leaving a memorable imprint in that area.

6. Meaningful PRAYER was my first step in finding my way. Coupled with the 5 mentioned above I found clarity. I found purpose.

Until Next Time...BE LIGHT. BE LOVE. BE ENCOURAGED. ShonakikiP

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