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Behind Many Great Girls Stand Amazing Fathers

We asked and they answered. It is dripping with so much heavy wisdom therefore we will dive right into it. Read below to find discussions on 3 key pieces of advice given by 3 fathers to share with our daughters.

Kevin: "You can give away many things in life and receive them back but once you give a man your body that is something a woman can never get back. Virtue is relevant."

What a great short, simple, yet powerful message to hear from a male figure. VIRTUE can also be described as purity, worthiness, integrity, or a behavior showing high moral standards according to Webster's Dictionary. In much of our living today, within the many lives we come in contact with simply by passing one another on the street or in shops, sexual immorality has become commonplace. 1 Corinthians 6:18 tells us we should flee from sexual morality.

When we become physically intimate with another we share our most sacred inner parts, we become one with one another.The souls connect on a level deeper than the floor of any sea could fathom. OH, but what if the spirits are not kindred? What could happen if two become attached, connected, ajoined, or entangled by way of a sexual connection but are without kindred spirits? It will lend to our communities more broken homes, broken hearts, motherless children, fatherless children and so many more things that will serve as the tears of our weeping society. Wait on him young ladies...wait on HIM.

Larry: "A man's primary job is to provide, protect, and to pray for his family. To my daughters, when a man takes you out of your father's house...not after, but WHEN, it is now his job to provide you with equal or greater provision, protection, and faith than your father. This is why the man asks your father for you hand in marriage."

"So lady, there is no love like a father's love. If the next man can not love you undonditionally the way your father does, then he is not the right one."

Very true words shared by Larry. Sharing his sentiments, I also pose this question for pondering. How will she know what the true meaning of these notions are if she has not yet taken the time to understand who she is and whose she is? How will she know what unconditional love looks like; Will she understand the depth of agape love?

Darrell: "She needs to finish her education first, then enjoy a few years in her career, and be a fully developed person professionally, emotionally, and spiritually before she entertains a serious relationship. I want her to be able to stand on her own if need be because a good man should compliment her life not dominate it."

This was perfect advice to compliment the advice of the 2nd dad. While a man's focus will be on providing for, leading, and praying for coverage of his wife, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a young lady pursuing her career. It should be understood that although he is providing, this should not stifle her ambitions or pursuit of an education, career etc. Because we are all human and though we'd wish that we didn't have to, many of us will make mistakes along the way. Therefore, she must understand that young man she allows to wed her won't be PERFECT and without flaws. He may stumble when trying to lead his family. She should be ready to pray for and with him and because life sometimes throws us those unexpected curved balls, she sould be capable of standing on her own.

It is imperative that our youth dauthers and young women understand that it is perfectly okay to take her time and get to know herself before she begins to focus on trying to love another in a romantic relationship. She must seek an understanding of the word; Seek a a relationship with God. She must get connected and be refined.

Such great advice given by the gentlemen named above on topics that can easily be elaborated on further. To those men, we say THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom. In closing I'd like to leave this one piece of advice that will encompass each of their thoughts and anything that involves the idea of courting for the purpose of marriage.

Upon the acknowledged idea of courting for the purpose of marrying one another, seek counseling from your spiritual advisor, pastor, or counselor. Meet with that counselor individually and also together before the relationship intensifies.


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