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Jewels of Wisdom For Her Crown

For the past 5 days we've been spending a little time talking about GOLDEN ADVICE from the new and improved, wiser woman. These are pieces of valuable insight that not every young lady receives until she has grown through the experience or have found herself lost in craziness. We asked women this question, "As a woman today, if you could go back in time and give ONE piece of advice to yourself as a young princess...what would it be?". They took the time to share some valuable information that is worth sharing with YOU (our readers) and as many of our youth daughters and young women as possible. I'm pretty sure that as females, many of you will get your lean on in your seats while bobbing your heads in agreement as you sit reading these. They had me at the first word in each of their responses. Why? Because I knew much of their thoughts came from experience.

One can surely give anyone directions on which road to take just as easy as maps and books can easily lend info to anyone. However, if you haven't journeyed it yourself, you can't TRULY tell anyone just how smooth, or rugged the journey will be if they were to choose a certain path. There is universal advice that many of us females have learned through some of the same experiences. Today I lay a few of them here to share with everyone.

Nameica Craig: "LISTEN to your parents. There is only one regret that I have in life and that is an act of disobedience that has had a major lasting affect on my life to this very day. I feel that if I would have just listened and obeyed instead of rebelling, some things would have had a better outcome." Yes MA'AM! Think of it in this manner. We are not born with book knowledge. We must go to school and be educated by instructors who are knowlegeable and skilled in each particular school subject. It's the same as parents. Because they have already been where we are, they serve as a great wealth of knowledge in life experiences. Every now and again I still call my mom to discuss things with her. Always remember, if she did not care she would never be so forceful in trying to ensure that you see the light and not make the same mistakes that she or someone she knew did along the way. They should LISTEN to their parents.

Tangie Rease: "Trust your instincts. That is God whispering to you." Wow. Isn't it something how we all can feel that instinct telling that we shouldn't do a certain thing but for some reason we don't list. It sometimes tells us we should MOVE FORWARD on certain things and we don't listen. Then we find ourselves saying, I should have just gone with my first mind. If we get into the word of God and get connected you may find yourself making more "RIGHT" decisions than wrong for your life. Get connected.

Tangie was so kind...she gave us two golden nuggets instead of just one. "Whatever you dream...go for it! Don't tell yourself no. Let them tell you no then TRY AGAIN!" Aaaaaahhhhhh... --that's me taking this sip of a good Pepsi after this nugget-- I always love sharing with others my favorite quote when we get into this area of conversation. "Fear is the thief of ALL dreams" by Brian Krans. There are those out there who, out of their own fears or inseurities, will make you feel as though you should be afraid to THINK BIG. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone who's accomplished their dreams and goals were once made to feel as though their dream was too big. They always say the cemetery is full of undiscovered inventions and ideas for that very reason. Remember, you only get one time around in this lifetime. Make it count. With God ANYTHING is possible.

My piece of advice...As you are discovering who you are listen more say less. "Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom." Francis Bacon

A huge THANK YOU to the ladies mentioned above for sharing their wisdom with everyone. Thank you. Until next time BE Light. Be Love. Be Encouraged.

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