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Thankful For The Old. Bring On The New!

Well HELLO! It is the second day of December in the year of 2015. Wow! I can recall the night before Y2K hit like it was just a few short years ago. You remember right? When the world was in a frenzy about the supposed chaos that would take place at the stroke of midnight, some sat nervously watching the clock. People did not know whether they should be nervous or excited about the start of the new milennium. lol Now here we are entering the month of December preparing to close out another chapter of the last 15 years of our lives. WOW right? How quickly does time pass us by! Did you make any changes that you never thought you'd have to make during that time? I know I did.

One of those changes included me making the decision to get off of the infamous Facebook sidelines fussing about all of the crazy things I continuously saw go viral with our youth. I decided to get my ALL TALK and no play behind in gear and move forward in making a positive contribution (other than my children) to our young women and to society. Hence the release of my debut book "Messages For Our Daughters #SelfiEVAL #QueensBE 10 Week Challenge" now available on and also via this blog's home page at

I began the writings in 2014, a year ago this month. --And my crowd goes wild in applause-- While I did not know they would come to life in the form of a book I steadily moved forward. Without stress as I laid words to paper, I continuously moved forward. With absolutely zero haste in my movement I added content; I deleted content and I continued to press on. With my mind and my spirit in harmony I wrote until it was ready. 2015 has been a year filled with huge transitions in my life in more than one area. Yes there were not so good moments but I dare not dwell on them. Instead I choose learn from them. I choose to grow. For I know that they are a piece of my history that will someday be the wisdom I shall share with our youth daughters and young women. We should always remember the following:

Share this good word with the young ladies. Tell Them It's Here; Messages For Our Daughters #SelfiEVAL #QueensBe 10 Week Challenge now available both ebook and paperback version on!


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