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The Wounds of My Woes Today

I remember I used to smile big on the outside while crying on the inside.

When we begin to experience life we began to go through things that will ultimately make us into the people we are today. Growing up my mother used to always say, A hard head totes a soft A**. I understood what she was saying but I didn't TRULY understand until I got older. I began making irrational decisions. Sometimes when I made those decisions i knew they were wrong but I chose to do them anyway. I would later suffer the consequences behind those decisions.

It was during those times that I began to REALLY understand what that saying meant. Some things I confided in others and some of them I decided to try and fix them on my own but I would make a bigger mess. Some of the decisions were **plain and simple** STUPID. Some I made based on how someone else made me feel. Whether it was anger or sadness, I would make the decisions because I wanted to be happy at that moment. Sometimes the momentary things are just that. Momentary and they could have a huge or shall I say devastation impact on your life.

In this 8 minute clip I share more about The Wounds of My Woes and where they are today. For everyone who knows me, they know that I'm not vulnerable very often. It was tough sharing this. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should share it because it didn't quite go in the direction I had planned. I hope you'll watch in it's entirety. Maybe the words will be of some inspiration to you or someone you know.