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Facebook Is At It Again

People who make a home living within the negativity of their past will most surely find themselves running in place in their present; They will find that chasing after or holding on to what is not meant to be will actually never be. As we grow we must be willing to let go. We must be willing to loose the thoughts of our minds from fickle things that suppresses the love in our hearts. Sometimes...just sometimes, that thing in life that needs to be loosed is not a thing but rather a person.

"The day she let go of the things that were holding her down was the day she began to shine the brightest." Unknown **Random post guys but facebook's newest ploy made me do it.**

Is holding on to people that are dead weight in our lives so common that facebook needs to implement a tool that will help us manage our interactions with exes? Apparently FB began testing this new tool on mobile devices on this past Thursday 11/19/15. So there will be a new option supposedly titled "Take a Break" on your facebook tab when you make the official announcment via a facebook relationship status change. **Yes, you may insert your baffled look here**. When you make the official announcement and take advantage of the "Take a break" tab facebook will begin hiding posts of pictures of that exe from you.

Okay, so you change the status but you don't want to unfriend the person yet you don't want to see any new pictures of them enjoying their life out on the town without you. Huh?

Sounds so confusing. Just quit being nosey...

Remove from the friend's list...

So you don't end up like this on a daily basis...

and if you still want to be friends only return when you know you are ready live again.


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