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Who's Playing with Your Heart In The Cyber World?

In the book Messages For Our Daughters #SelfiEVAL #QueensBE 10 Week Challenge, I talk about the importance of our cyber space if we are to have one. Why? I do so because one's cyber environment is just as important as the physical environment. It feeds the soul too.

"By default our nature as a flawed human being is easier to be misguided and led toward negative things than it is toward positive things." Shonakiki P.

(The book is available on Amazon in both Ebook and Paperback form. If you would like a signed copy of the book please the home page of this blog at and click the order button.)

I am one of the people who just can't let go of having actual books on hand. So I build my library of inspiration in that manner. However, as I have begun to blog again, I am truthfully just beginning to reach out and read/indulge in other's blogs. There's so much inspiration out there and it is all ours for the taking! Muaah hahahahaaaaaaa. **Corny I know. So moving on!** Today I share with you two blogs that I love at this very moment. I was planning to share five but then I realized, "Oh wait...I haven't been reading many until lately". Therefore in keeping the honesty of this blog I'll share with you all two of my current faves at the moment. Others I am still getting acquainted with. Love and Inspiration. Inspiration and Love. That's what I am looking for in each one I will connect with.


First, Natasha is a fellow blogger of a group I belong to called Black Girls Blogging. Woot Woot! lol Secondly, I have come to quickly love her site because she brings so much positivity and light to the single mother community. Her site is also filled with a wealth of information for those women ranging from health to finances to dating, faith and so much more. I just love the hope that her site gives to single mothers. I love it and I'm not even a single mother nor have I ever been! lol So what does that tell you? I'm pretty sure the women of that community are more than pleased with it.


The second blog I love is that of Ms. Arlene Pellicane. What I love about Arlene's Blog/Site is her push to help others move toward both having and enjoying a happier life. I met Arlene when she came to speak at my church (Christ Community Church) in San Diego, California a few short years ago. It was there I'd purchased my signed book from her titled "31 Days To A Happy Husband". It's a pretty good read too you guys. Her messages are real...raw if you will but conveyed so delicately. There's topics about children, parenting, marriage, and health etc. You get the picture right? There's inspiration about life in general and THAT I love.

I hope that you all will find some great inspiration from each of the previously shared blogs. I am still in the beginning stages of putting this blot together so I hope you guys join and stay with me as I navigate through this journey and find the perfect niche to nestle within the life of this blog. Until next time...BE INSPIRED. BE ENCOURAGED. BE LIGHT. BE LOVE.