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What's That You Say About Paris and Israel?

Due to previous professions, I have traveled to many places both near home and afar. From each place I've reached out and grabbed ahold of beautiful pieces that I carry with me always. From the happy go lucky sound of the Japanese greeting Konichiwa (meaning hello) to the true feeling of experiencing "Ohana" from the Hawaiian families, I have been extremely blessed. On the blog today I share with you places I'd like to visit.

First I must say, it has been such an honor to be able to see different parts of the world and experience other cultures and lifestyles; to taste of another's delicacies was especially sweet. To see the intensity in their faces as they awaited my delightful approval after sharing with me one of their authentic recipes is such an unforgettable feeling. In my travels I have always been welcomed with open arms and I'm so grateful for that.

There are two places that I have yet to visit. One has been on my list for years and the other was added recently after newer developments in my life. **Jesus Saves** (Did that make you smile?) I have always ALWAYS wanted to visit Paris. In fact any time I find little pieces to add to my space that would remind me of that dreamy, romantic place I do. See the signs below?

So it should be of no surprise that I felt such

sadness for the recent tragedies that took place over there just as many others did.

The sadness felt is not simply because it's France for some. It is merely because innocent people just like you and I lost their lives in such as senseless manner. Having dinner or going to a concert looking to have a great time I'm sure were the mindsets of those affected. We as a people should continue to pray not only for Paris but for all that are going through these horrific events right now.

Now to lighten things up a bit, I'll share with you the other place I wouldn't mind visiting. A friend of mine recently took a trip to Israel. Yes guys Israel! I asked her for a sentence to sum up what she felt on her visit and here's what she had to say.

"Being where Christ himself walked, swam, touched, lived, and died does not make one feel power of the sense of being more spiritual like some would believe, but instead it fills you with hope. I'm talking like a fire of burning hope inside. His promises are never failing and seeing the gate where his return will be is power in itself. Our enemies will not win no matter the earthly struggles we have because the places he stood on earth are still here and He's coming back as he said he would!"

So much for one sentence right?! lol Can't you just feel the joy and excitement as you read her words? Here are two photos my friend, Heidi Johnson allowed me to share from her recent trip.

Pictured above are columns within the city of Capharnaum. :-)

Pictured above is the Sea of Galilee. :-)

"Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a Storyteller." Battuta

In bringing this post to a close, I leave you guys with this. For those that have walked on the same soil for most of their lives, I hope you find time soon to get out and taste a little more of life. There's a lot more world to be lived:-).

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