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5 Ways I Hold Hands With A Beautiful Life

I've heard the saying before, "Life is beautiful if you know where to look". Today I am sharing five ways I added a little more beauty to my life without sacrificing my families budget, quality time with them, or the peace of my mental state.

1. Opening my eyes in the morning and reaching over to shut off my alarm, the first thing I see are a few of my favorite books and something shiny. I like books and I love shiny things. I love being surrounded by things that make my eyes dance around the room and excite me. So I purchased a medium sized, silver wire basket and placed it bedside. I also placed beside the basket two of my favorite gold, bold candleholders, and a mercury glass vase adorned with a flower. The candleholders I've had for many years, the wire basket was $5, and the vase was under $10. The books are those I have picked up over a period of time. With the exception, this setting cost me less than $15. **That is less than one trip to Burger King with my family.** (See picture below) Can you tell I've had great use of those candles?

2. Inspirational books are great tools to keep in your space. Let's face it, there are people out there who have been blessed with the gift of helping others see and understand perspectives better. Can you recall a time you've read something where the Author used the perfect words to express your exact feelings on a particular issue? I have. For the past few weeks I have been wrestling with an issue. I pulled a book from the basket this morning before starting my day. The second page I read expressed my exact feelings and afterwards provided me with not only insight but also scripture. It altered my perspective. It lightened my mood.

3. I make time for myself (whether it is renewing of energy by praying, reading, etc.). I make time for a renewing of my mind. I make time for a renewing of my spirit. I have found that when I don't take the time to do these things, I become easily agitated; immersed in a chaotic space that I myself would be a contributor of. One of the things I use besides books to do this is my Canon. It provides an outlet for me. Some days I find myself behind the lens shooting random things and before I know it, the allotted time I'd given myself would have already easily passed. I have also begun to write again. It's quite therapeutic. See information about the release of my debut book below.

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4. I try to maintain a personal space (be it mental or physical) empty of toxic things and toxic people. I do my best not to entertain those who are drama filled. I have also learned to recognize when someone's presence is sucking the life out of me with their negative attitude and energy. I remove myself from the immediate space and continue to try to love them at a reasonable distance that would seem healthy for both parties.

5. Short. Sweet. Simple. I really focus on keeping God at the forefront.

What do you do to stay connected with a beautiful life?