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I'd Bet My Lunch You Didn't Know #4.

10 Random Facts about me.

10. A ferocious yell was once normal. Really, who can survive in the Corps without that trait? (God's been taming that :-)) By the way, it's November 10th. #HappyBirthdayMarines!

9. I've been rocking a $15 pair of shoes for about the past 3-4 years. (They're still good)

8. I rearrange a piece of furniture or accessory in my home daily. (Obsessive?)

7. I have a brown thumb...okay a DARK brown thumb.

6. I don't believe there is one single goal I set that I can not accomplish. (God's the Author not man)

5. I used to take all of my hair down and shake it wildly as I'd toss my head back and forth rocking out to the one and only, still fab today Tina Turner! (My stage? Mom's coffee table)

4. I have NEVER watched the movie "Color Purple". (Don't beat me up too back for that one)

3. I like to belt out a ballad or two in the shower hoping that someone would notice and sing me praises about it afterwards. Two weeks ago that whimsical hope was fulfilled with a video but withOUT the singing of praises. No I will not share because I don't want to be the reason behind someone else's falter. If heard, moguls are sure to come out guns a-blazing at one another in a battle to win my talents for their label. (A girl can dream right?)

2. On a more serious note, photography helps me to see beauty in things and people that I would otherwise be slow to see at times. I have a deep appreciation for the art.

1. As of November 1st 2015 with the release of my debut book "Messages For Our Daughters #SelfiEVAL #QueensBE 10 Week Challenge, I added the title AUTHOR to my resume!

How's that for Random Facts? Did you know?

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