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Inspired at The Naturalista Hair Show 2015

In the spirit of entrepreneurship.

This past weekend I attended the amazing 3rd Annual Naturalista Hair Show. When I tell you all the building was full...well you be the judge after viewing a few photos.

I didn't know what was lying in wait for me beyond the doors as this was the 1st of the event I have attended. To be amongst so many go-getters who were not only successful in their endeavors but also less than selfish with the knowlege they have learned along the way was inspiring. It stirred a fire. It rekindled a flickering flame within me that I thought --up to then-- was already raging.

The event was held at the Silver Spring Civic Center in Maryland. Though the space was huge, every inch of it was occupied by black beauty. There, in that one room, lay so much black beauty. It was like floating in a sea of milk and honey, sugar and sweet nectar, cocoa, chocolate, and a dark colored, soft, fine wine...Merlot. There were innumerable hugs, beautiful smiles, and kind spirits that filled the building. Three days later and I'm still tipsy from digesting all of that Black Love. I was submersed in culture and it was awe inspiring.

The panel and host with keynote blogger from left to right @curlsandcouture @HeyFranHey (keynote), @MyCandiShoppe, @iLoveAlimara, and @NapturalNicole (host). You can find all of these ladies on IG using the handles mentioned above.

Featured in the picture from left to right:

@rock_yo_rizos, @curlsandcouture, and @itsdaynadane

Featured above: @NapturalNicole (Queen "SCOPRAH" on Periscope if you're into it), @krissmincey ~@krissminceymusic, and a writer from Rolling Out Mag @your_curlfriend.


There was even a panel of men to partake in the discussions led by the talented @Marleeinthemix @themixxstress.

Then there was music from the beautiful @krissmincey @krissminceymusic. She slayed with her poetic voice lending to ears the sounds of a goddess. She connected with the crowd so effortlessly; She tantalized them if you will.

I'm already looking forward to attending next year's event...The 4th Annual Naturalista Hair Show 2016. Bring it ladies!

A picture gallery for the show can be viewed at!parties--events/c1iui or visit my website at

Until the next blog post...~"I don't shoot what it looks like. I shoot what it feels like."~ Kandid Kouture Photography ~photoTalk eyeHeart~